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Welcome to The Greater Tzaneen Community Foundation


The Greater Tzaneen Community Foundation is an opportunity for people to build a permanent asset base which will yield returns to finance community development.  The Community Foundation affords everyone an opportunity to support any charitable organization, a specific geographic area’s development and or a field of interest.



Some Background Information

The Greater Tzaneen Community Foundation is a rural based non-profit and non-governmental organization. Our primary focus is to facilitate community upliftment through Research, skills development, business support, institutional capacity building and grant funding.

The Greater Tzaneen Community Foundation was established in March 2015. Up to date we have been able to establish the projects which include a Library, Internet café, Kiddies Resources Centre, Physical Training, and various Community Dialogue sessions. The primary beneficiary of our interventions is youth including those with disabilities. Internationally GTCF is a member of Global Fund for Community Foundations who are grant makers working to promote and support institutions of community philanthropy around the world.



Our Objectives are to:

  • Provide an institution which will mobilize resources into an endowment dedicated to support community development efforts across the spectrum using myriad tailor made responsive interventions.
  • Create a lifetime endowment which ensures that the Greater Tzaneen community has access to permanently available resources to fund their efforts in poverty eradication efforts.
  • Researching and linking appropriate interventions with funding to ensure relevance of interventions.
  • Engage communities in dialogue on socio-economic development efforts to generate innovative undertakings while drawing lessons from past attempts.

The Greater Tzaneen Community Foundation:
"An opportunity for Communities to Eradicate Poverty Permanently”

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