Greater Tzaneen Community Foundation

Programmes and Projects

GTCF supports the inclusive development of communities. The following are the projects for 2015-2020:

Agriculture Development Programme

  • Soya Beans Cluster Formation: GTCF will provide technical and business skills and support for the propagation, processing and marketing of soya bean and its products between 2016 and up to 2021.
  • Inland Fish Farming Cluster Development: GTCF will work with communities, providing them with technical and business skills for the propagation, processing and marketing of tilapia and catfish
  • Farmers Support Programme

Creative Industry Development

  • Talent Development: GTCF provides opportunities for skills development and business incubation to develop individuals talents
  • Content Development: GTCF supports individual artists and organizations which develop content for television and film

Community Empowerment

GTCF supports:

  • Capacity building of civil society organizations
  • Education enrichment programs
  • Poverty Eradication projects
  • Community Dialogue

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